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Amanda Ekery / Womni Jung

Amanda Ekery
w/ Allison Burik, Alto Sax/Bass Clarinet
Andrew Boudreau - Piano
Magdalena Abrego - Guitar
Lim Yang - Bass

Womni Jung
w/ Nathan Reising - Alto Saxophone
Chase Morrin - Piano
Isaac Levien - Bass
Lesley Mok - Drums

Suggested Donation $10

Wonmi Jung, Singer Songwriter and Improviser from South Korea, coming from a diverse background in vocal jazz, pop, Korean folk, Brazilian music, visual art, poetry and theater, she has refined a unique approach to vocal improvisation and song interpretation. Believing improvisation is not just a way of art but a way of engaging with people and life in a deeper level, Jung has built her own performance ritual, making a song with given words by audiences. This special moment allows her and audiences to enter into the sea of life called comedy and drama.


Vocalist and composer, Amanda Ekery collaborates with everyone, literally. Historians, artists, engineers, bakers, you name it. Amanda works with all to create projects that include everyone. She weaves her experience in underground rock, improvisatory creative music, research, and jazz into her compositions, workshops, and performances.

 Amanda will be performing new music from the soon to be released Some More Short Songs, a continuation of her album Some Short Songs. Amanda stated “when writing this album I wanted it to be fun! So, you’ll hear songs about hula-hoops, running out of peanut butter, and other about self-conscious clouds.” 

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