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Punch Proof and IBeam Brooklyn presents: Jeff Davis Fastness Quartet and Ocelot

Jeff Davis - The Fastness Quartet
Russ Lossing - piano, nord
Jon Goldberger - guitar
Eivind Opsvik - double bass
Jeff Davis - drums/compositions

New Album coming in 2020! Featuring Tony Malaby, Russ Lossing, Jon Goldberger & Eivind Opsvik. All new music, pit vibraphone, good times. Look for pre-release tracks, videos - more to come!

9:30 pm
Yuma Uesaka - tenor, clarinet, bass clarinet, contralto clarinet, compositions
Cat Toren - piano, nord, compositions
Colin Hinton - drums, percussion, glockenspiel, gongs, compositions

Formed in 2018, Ocelot is a Brooklyn based Avant-Jazz collective trio consisting of Yuma Uesaka (Saxophone/Clarinets), Cat Toren (Piano/Keyboard) and Colin Hinton (Drums/Percussion).
As all members of Ocelot are prolific composers and improvisers, the group’s repertoire is varied and dynamic. Ocelot hones their sound with rhythmic propulsion, long lyrical melodies, soft textures, and aggressive free jazz, exploring each sound-world to its nethermost depths and transformations. The group has a synergy that brings out the confidence and trust necessary for deep musical exploration while showcasing full command of their individual instruments. Ocelot exemplifies the emergent wave of musicians that work within the intersections of many musical idioms including jazz, contemporary western classical, and noise music.

Earlier Event: October 24
Later Event: October 26
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